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Membership Rules, Privacy Policy & Refund Policy

Last updated: 04/01/2020

Membership Rules

  • All memberships are for one calendar year.

  • All memberships are connected to an individual person.

  • Proxies are not allowed for your membership.

  • Memberships are transferable with approval from BWBO America.

  • Members are not to share private events with the public.

  • Members shall not make disparaging or negative remarks about BWBO America, its chapters or its leadership.

  • Members shall treat all other members and non-members with respect.

  • Members should get permission before using BWBO America and its chapters logos.

  • Membership can be revoked at the discretion of BWBO America.

  • Individuals shall not be allowed in BWBO America chapter groups if individuals have leaders blocked on social media.

  • Members cannot use membership rate to purchase tickets for others. Ticket purchases for non-members must be purchased at the non-member rate.

Privacy Policy

BWBO America reserves the right to share contact information (First & last name, email, phone numbers, and business info) provided to our partners, sponsors, speakers and members for their own use.

Information posted in private groups are considered private and should not be shared outside the groups by group members.

Refund Policy

It is the policy of BWBO America that all payments & sales are final for membership, events, product purchases, donations, and sponsorships.

*Rules and policies include but are not limited to what's listed above.

**Rules and policies are subject to change at any time

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Privacy Policy

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